herbal Remedies

We SO have your herbal remedy needs covered.

Our staff have studied herbal medicine. Its safe to say we love it, like really love it! We understand and value its importance to health and wellness.
We know how to find the good retail brands and more importantly how to match you to the best retail formula for your needs. We have so many great single herbs as well as herbal formulas covering all the traditions of the world.
Be mystified no more!

See a few of our brands below. Much more in Store.

Organic Herbal Remedies

We have a large selection of organic dried medicinal herbs. Western and Eastern.

We buy in bulk and package ourselves what we cannot find in branded products.

Natures Sunshine

Natures Sunshine have a huge range of powdered and encapsulated single herbs and formulas.

Fusion Health

Fusion Health’s herbal formulas combine the energetic effects of Chinese herbs with the science of Western herbal medicine. A wide range of formulas safe and effective for all ages. Liquids, tablets, and encapsulated powdered formulas. 

Kiwi Herb

Liquid herbal formulas for the whole family. Traditional western herbs and Herbs Unique to New Zealand.

Glycerine extracted on a base of organic apple juice makes these  alcohol free and easy to take for all ages. 

Hilde Hemmes

Famous in Australia for their extensive herbal tea range (tea bags and loose) and their popular Swedish bitters. They also supply tinctures and tablets.

A. Vogel

A.Vogel (Bioforce) is a market leader herbal remedies in Europe. 

Herbs of Life Teas

Locally made in the Blue Mountains this range of medicinal teas are formulated using traditional western herbal formulas that are tried and true.

Herbs of Gold

Herbal formulas combining  traditions of western and eastern usage with nutritional supplementation. Liquids, caps and tablets covering a wide range of uses.


10:1 powdered herbs for many uses. Including powdered tonic formulas along with single powdered herbs like Astragalus, He Shou Wu, Eleuthero, Mucuna Pruriens and Medicinal Mushrooms


Thompsons SupHerbness

Thompson’s have a great range of one a day single herb tablets and formulas for a range of uses. 

PPC Herbs

The Pharmaceutical Plant Company (PPC Herbs)  is a Melbourne based manufacturer of Liquid Herbal medicines and extracts. Founded in 1992. 


Australias most popular Olive Leaf products.

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We focus on Organic, Biodynamic, ethically sourced quality products. Products, no matter their use, rich in nutrients, free of chemicals, and health giving in nature.


Over 3000 products in store and growing. We are always adding great products at great prices as we find them.


We require all staff to have extensive lived experience and natural medicine training. We love our range and more importantly we understand it and how to apply it in the best possible way.


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