We've got your keto needs covered.
Clean eating ketogenic diets are a game changer for many.
We understand that.
That's why we've put a lot of work into sourcing and finding great clean eating keto products to ensure you are always in optimal nutritional ketosis.
More than a few of us have taken the clean eating keto step with gusto. We've also studied the science of nutritional ketosis and how it benefits the body and mind.
We know keto food and how to assist you optimise your results including tools for intermittent fasting.

See a small selection of brands and products below. MORE IN STORE.


We stock the entire range of Melrose oils including their complete MCT range. 

Tanderra Local Organic Eggs

Local Certified organic Eggs. Grown in soils rich in Selenium. These eggs are of superior taste and nutrition than your average organic egg. 

Bundarra Berkshire

From a wonderful grass fed chemical free family pig farm in Southern NSW Australia. These are superior, cruelty free, and naturally cured pork products. No nitrates or Sulfites required. Cured using gum leaves Juniper berries and salt. So delicious. Happy Pigs make Happy Pork.


Beautiful Grass fed and Organic Ghee from Byron bay. 

We also stock 4 other brands of Ghee


Protein bars with MCT Oil. So delicious

Kelp Noodles

We Stock 3 brands of Kelp Noodles as well as lots and lots of other very low carb options. 

Drop in to discuss what fits with your keto goals.

Essentially Keto

Essentially Keto, a Melbourne based Keto food company addressing the need in Australia for convenient high-fat low-carb snacks. They are passionate about Keto and low-carb lifestyles.

Paleo Pure

Paleo Pure was founded by Emma Risvanis in 2014, along with naturopath Nicole Di Pietro-Case. The duo share a passion for organic, grain free, gut friendly food

Cultured icecream co 2

The Cultured Icecream Co.

Grain free, sugar free, dairy free, actively probiotic coconut gelato made in Sydney, Australia.


Barambah Organics

Pure Fresh Cream, High Protein Cottage Cheese, a full range of Cheeses, Sour Cream and more

Protein Bread Co

We stock their full range. They also have 100% plant based options

Naked Life Sparkling

They are passionate about reducing the amount of sugar from our communities diets. With diabetes and obesity on the increase they believe that one of the easiest and best ways to address this is to reduce the sugar. Sweetened naturally with Monk Fruit, Erythritol and Stevia.

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We focus on Organic, Biodynamic, ethically sourced quality products. Products, no matter their use, rich in nutrients, free of chemicals, and health giving in nature.


Over 3000 products in store and growing. We are always adding great products at great prices as we find them.


We require all staff to have extensive lived experience and natural medicine training. We love our range and more importantly we understand it and how to apply it in the best possible way.


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